White Spa White Musk Whitening Lotion

₱174.30 ₱185
Delight your skin with Mistine White Spa White Musk Whitening Lotion with Milk Protein and Niacinamide for a soft, milky white skin. The lotion contained Milky White Complex, a special formula extracted from goat's milk to help lighten your skin while softening and repairing damaged skin cells. It also contains Edelweiss Extract that acts as a barrier against harmful free radicals and UV filters to protect skin from sun damage and discoloration. Mistine White Spa comes in a water-based non-sticky formula with a long-lasting fresh scent!
    • It contains a Milky White Complex from goat's milk extract to lighten skin.

    • Enriched with Edelweiss Extract that acts to protect the skin from harmful free radicals

    • With UV filters to protect against sun damage and discoloration

    • With a long-lasting fresh scent

    • Made with a non-sticky water-based formula

  • HOW TO USE: Apply gently from bottom to up. Best used after a shower and during the night.

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