Mistine idolo OffGun Set

₱763.30 ₱898

The perfect set for all the Babis and OffGun fans out there! Comes with 1 box of Maask On Mask Sheet Set and 1 can of Mist Off Mineral Spray PLUS OffGun stickers and photocards.

Maask On Mask Sheet Set

A staple in any skincare routine, this mask sheet set quickly and efficiently hydrates skin, leaving it looking plumped and glowing. Each box comes with 4 mask sheets.

• Fast Facts: Protects skin from dirt and pollution; brightens dull skin; hydrates and plumps; leaves skin feeling fresh and invigorated

• Directions : After washing face, apply your preferred mask sheet, avoiding the eyes and lip areas. Leave it for 10-20 minutes. After which, gently remove and massage skin to allow remaining formula to be absorbed into the skin.

Mist Off Mineral Spray

A hydrating mineral facial mist that quickly refreshes and delivers instant moisture anytime, anywhere.

• Fast Facts: Delivers an instant moisture and cooling sensation; instantly leaves skin softer and supple; helps cool down and refresh overheated complexions.

• Directions : Spritz all over face for invigorating hydration

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