Time Lock Anti-wrinkle Facial Serum 35mL

₱629.30 ₱899

Visibly reduce fine lines and make your skin firmer with Mistine Time Lock Anti-Wrinkle Facial Serum formulated to help in skin rejuvenation within 4 weeks. This serum is enriched with proline and active ingredients with 4D Lifting Action technology for a perfect lift in all face areas and was awarded the Best Innovation Gold Awardee in Cosmetic Europe.

    • Visibly reduce fine lines and even deep wrinkles.

    • Helps rejuvenate and restore skin's smoothness.

    • Keeps skin firm and elastic while giving the effect of a slimmer looking face.

    • It helps improve skin tone and target sun-damaged and pigmented age spots.

  • HOW TO USE: Apply serum thoroughly over the face and neck. Use regularly every morning and before bedtime in an upward motion.

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