White Spa UV White Perfumed Talc

₱174.30 ₱199
Enriched with Pomegranate Extracts, White tea, Pycnogenol, and Nano-Vitamin A that whitens, smoothens, and maintains skin's moisture for a pinkish glowing skin.
    • Keeps skin dry and fresh
    • Enriched with natural ingredients that whiten and smoothen skin
    • Helps maintain skin's moisture
    • Leaves skin with the pinkish look
    • Perfumed talc with a natural sunscreen ingredient 
  • PERFECT FOR: Silky smooth skin with sweet powdery scent.
  • HOW TO USE: Apply and smooth it on the skin. Also recommended for use under breasts, armpits (layered over deodorant) around umbilicus/belly and on back to absorb sweat.

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