White Spa White Berry UV White Lotion

₱129.50 ₱185

Combat the causes of dull skin with this lotion containing 7 berry extracts high in Vitamin C. Contains Double UV Protection to shield against the sun's harmful rays.

    • With Goji berry and raspberry for radiant-looking skin.
    • With Acai that helps revitalize skin.
    • With Blackberries for firmer skin.
    • Cranberries help restore skin's youthful appearance.
    • Bilberries help prevent skin degeneration.
    • Bitter Cherry helps protect skin from free radicals.
    • With highly concentrated Vitamin C for fairer skin.
    • With Double UV Protection to protect skin from the sun's harmful rays.
  • PERFECT FOR: Dull skin.
  • HOW TO USE: Rub gently from bottom to up. Best applied after a shower and during the night.

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